drapeau français Martin Constant

Martin Constant — PhD Student in Psychology

I am currently a PhD student (since 03/2019) in the General & Experimental Psychology department of LMU Munich.

My supervisor is Dr. Heinrich René Liesefeld.

Before coming to LMU, I studied Cognitive Sciences in France.

During my Master, I've done two research internships at the GIN (Neurofunctional Imaging Group) in Bordeaux.

In the first one (2 months), I've investigated the factors influencing Left–Right Discrimination.

In the second one (6 months), I have investigated the neural correlates of Line–Bisection Judgement with fMRI.
With resting-state-fMRI, we analyzed how regions that were active during the LBJ task were organized into networks.
Then, using graph analysis, we identified the hubs within 4 networks.

My current research topic aims to determine how saliency influences the encoding of information into Visual Working–Memory.

Aside from this topic, my main interests are about ethical, methodological and statistical issues in science.


  • Constant, M. & Liesefeld, H. R. (2021)
    Massive Effects of Saliency on Information Processing in Visual Working Memory.
    Psychological Science. https://doi.org/10/gjk9jh [preprint V1; preprint V2; peer-reviewed]

  • Constant, M. & Mellet, E. (2018)
    The Impact of Handedness, Sex, and Cognitive Abilities on Left–Right Discrimination: A Behavioral Study.
    Frontiers in Psychology, 9 [web; pdf]